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The Sir Harry Evans Memorial Fund

The Sir Harry Evans Memorial Fund

Sir Harry Evans Memorial Fund:

Inspiring the great journalistic minds and leaders of tomorrow

In honour of one of our generation’s most ‘voracious truth-tellers’ – beloved alumnus and journalistic pioneer Sir Harold Evans (Economics, University College, 1952) – Durham University has worked in partnership with Reuters and Tina Brown CBE to establish the Sir Harry Evans Memorial Fund.

We have already received over $5M in pledges to support the establishment of the fund, including a $2M donation from Thomson Reuters. Whilst this is an exceptional start, we are seeking further donations to maximise the potential of this opportunity.

With your support, we can ensure the long-term future of the fund and enable its two key priorities:

A Fellowship in investigative journalism

The Fellowship will offer a high-calibre candidate the opportunity to undertake a piece of investigative reporting from the Reuters newsroom, mentored by top Reuters editors and supported by academic links at Durham University. Appointed annually, the first fellow will join Reuters in 2022.

An annual journalistic Forum

Held at Durham Castle, the Forum will bring together leading figures across media, broadcasting, and investigative journalism to discuss all aspects of the journalistic discipline.

Together, these initiatives will attract the very best minds and talents from the journalism industry, while also creating countless opportunities for students, researchers, and professionals around the world.

We thank you in advance for your support.